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About Us

Blades of Steel are live hip hop done right, combining 2 of Calgary’s most talented and prolific MCs with a crack band of incredible musicians.

Blades of Steel’s live show has impressed fans and critics alike, mixing original tracks with crowd-pleasing cover tunes, and inspiring X92.9’s Fraser Tuff to declare their Sled Island Music Festival set “The most fun I’ve ever had at a show while sober.”

In April, 2013, Blades of Steel released their debut EP, ‘Like a Calf in a Tube Sock.’ Featuring four studio tracks and one live recording, the album was launched with a sold out show at Local 522 in Calgary.

Blades of Steel have impressed at pubs, clubs, festivals and private events, incorporating the classic elements of funk, rock and dance music, which formed hip hop in the beginning. Their several music videos have been met with a great reaction. For bookings or media requests, please email

Blades of Steel are:

Ricca Razor Sharp - MC
SoLeo - MC
Shoez - Drums/Vocals
Roop - Keys/Vocals
Pastrami - Bass/Vocals
Ru - Guitar

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Blades of Steel